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Kevin D. Heaton, DOAt Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics we have one of the most comprehensive sports concussion management programs in New England.  Led by Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Kevin Heaton, we will carefully manage an athlete’s recovery following a concussion.  Dr. Heaton is specialty trained in concussion management and has significant experience in the treatment of concussions in athletes of all ages and skill levels.  Dr. Heaton’s concussion management protocol follows national and international standards.  He has relationships with regional and national experts across multiple disciplines to ensure that his concussion patients have access to the best care available.

If you (or your athlete) participate in contact or collision sports, the ImPACT™ test should be the first step in your season. ImPACT™ is a user-friendly, software-based test that doctors use as a tool to accurately evaluate recovery following a concussion. Fast, easy, and accurate: ImPACT™ puts the information that your doctor needs at his fingertips. With the help of a baseline evaluation, ImPACT™ lets our physicians make better recommendations for your player’s safe return to the game.

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*There is no fee to take the ImPACT Baseline Test through Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics for organizations or groups that we have established a previous relationship with. 

The ImPACT Test Requires a Customer Code for the Baseline Test.  The customer code has been provided to schools and organizations with an established relationship with Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics.  If you have misplaced or do not have the customer code email or call 603-775-7575.

Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics is proud to have provided over 1,800 baseline ImPACT tests to the surrounding community over the past year.  ImPACT testing has been an important part of both concussion education outreach and optimizing post-injury management in our Concussion Clinic. ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is the most-widely used and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system.  It provides trained clinicians with neurocognitive assessment tools as part of determining safe return to play decisions.

If you have a school or organization who is interested in learning more or instituting ImPACT as part of a more comprehensive concussion program let us know. Please contact: for further details. For more information on the ImPACT test, click here.


Runner’s Alley Supports Concussion Program at Access Sports Medicine

Runner's Alley LogoExeter, NH – Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics would like to thank Runner’s Alley Portsmouth for their support of our sports concussion program.  Runner’s Alley donated three Polar Heart Rate Monitors which can be used by concussion patients as they work toward a return to play.  A revolutionary treatment technique, sub-symptom threshold exercise training allows an athlete to participate in physical activity at a controlled level that will not exacerbate symptoms.  Studies have shown that this innovative method can help accelerate the recovery process over more conservative treatments involving complete rest.

Allowing an athlete to participate in some level of physical activity can stimulate both a physical and mental recovery.  The heart rate monitors donated by Runner’s Alley are being loaned out to patients free of charge for use during their recovery.

For more information about the Sports Concussion Program at Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics or to make an appointment, call 603-775-7575 or visit


MANCHESTER, NH — As athletes continue to push the limits of sports by playing longer, harder and faster, injuries have become inevitable. It is nearly impossible to watch a professional football or hockey game without hearing about a player out with a concussion or experiencing “concussion-like symptoms.” Concussions are one of the most common injuries for athletes of all levels; and for youth sports participants they can be especially dangerous.

Dr. Kevin Heaton, the Director of the Concussion Management Program at Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics, will be speaking to middle school-aged students and their parents at the 26th Annual “Stand By Me” event on Friday May 15th. The event is going to be held at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester.

Dr. Heaton will discuss the common signs and symptoms of a sports-related concussion and the importance of proper identification. He will explain the ImPACT Baseline Testing as a first step in concussion management and the immediate removal of athletes from play if they are suspected of having a head-injury. He will also break down the concussion management protocol at Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics and the use of both physical and academic restrictions in proper concussion management.

“Stand By Me” is a program for Ross A. Lurgio 7th grade students and their parents. Each year the event consists of a one-day workshop with a variety of information and empowering seminars that are designed to improve self esteem, increase communication with peers and parents, deal with conflict resolutions, learn about drug and alcohol awareness, internet safety, and time management.



EXETER, NH – Concussion detection strategies are expanding with new and easy to use technologies. A new study suggests simple vision test using a stopwatch and flashcards can help parents and coaches screen young athletes for concussions.

The exam, called the King-Devick test, requires speed reading numbers on a card from left to right as quickly as possible. The numbers are arranged in patterns that are harder to read after injury, which makes the answers slower and less accurate. The study tested 243 youth league hockey and lacrosse players ages 5-17, and nearly 90 college athletes, to see how quickly and accurately they could read the numbers on the cards. Later in the season, they tested 12 of the athletes again who had a concussion. The athletes’ average time on the test was 5.2 seconds slower than before their concussion.

At Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics, Dr. Kevin Heaton already implements the ImPACT neurocognitive test into his concussion management program, which is a 30-minute online exam that measures player’s symptoms, verbal and visual memory, processing speed and reaction time, and is able to assist clinicians and athletic trainers in making return-to-play decisions. But Dr. Heaton says this simple vision test certainly does have both advantages and limitations over traditional methods of diagnosing concussions.

“Some of the limitations include this test requires a baseline for comparison, which can be time consuming to obtain. Some advantages are its ease of use and rapid administration, even on the sidelines. This technology is another interesting step in concussion management and hopefully an advance towards increased safety,” said Dr. Heaton.

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