Our experienced team and convenient on-site access to the many services offered at Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics, allows us to streamline care for each employee that we serve.  Our dedicated nurse case managers act as a liason between the employers, physicians, insurance companies and employees, to make sure the needs of all parties are satisfied.

Work Related Injuries

At The Bakie Center our number one prioritiy is to carefully and quickly manage work related injuries and illnesses.  With on-site physicians, nurse case managers, x-ray, MRI, and physical and occupational therapy, we offer comprehensive same-day injury treatment for your workers.  Our goal is to get each injured worker back to work safely and as quickly as possible to minimize the impact on your business.

Work Conditioning

Work conditioning is a two hour group therapy program that is offered three times a week at Access Rehabilitation Specialists. It is beneficial for individuals who no longer require the one on one skills of a physical therapist but are unable to return to their previous level of work performance. This program offers cardiovascular training, strength training, endurance training, and simulated job specific tasks to promote a safe return to maximum work capacity.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

An FCE is an intensive short-term (usually 4 hours) evaluation that focuses on major physical tolerance abilities related to musculoskeletal strength, endurance, speed and flexibility (Matheson 2007). It is a systemized approach using evaluation instruments whose reliability and validity have been determined through peer reviewed research and are available in the public domain. The purpose of an FCE is to help determine return to work capacity, provide effective documentation for case resolution, and to establish safe physical demand levels for future vocational opportunities.

Physical Examinations
  • Pre-placement Exams
  • Respirator Exams
  • DOT Exams
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Police and Firefighters
Drug Testing
  • DOT Drug & Alcohol
  • Non-DOT Drug & Alcohol
  • Instant Urine
  • Hair
Surveillance Exams and Testing
  • Hearing and Vision
  • Lead, Asbestos, Heavy Metals
  • TB
  • Respirator
  • HazMat
  • Hepatitis B
  • Flu
  • Tetanus
  • Post Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure