Dr. Kleeman is a board-certified, fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in spine surgery. He has devoted his career to the innovation and advancement of minimally invasive spine surgery. He is known internationally for his pioneering work on laparoscopic spine surgery and has served as presenter and faculty for spine courses hosted by The North American Spine Society, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery, and the Cleveland Clinic.

He was the founder of the New Hampshire Spine Institute which went on to become the New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute. His research interests have included minimally invasive spine surgery, artificial spinal disc replacement and alternative spinal fusion bone grafts including recombinant human DNA as well as adult stem cells. Dr. Kleeman, after finishing his residency and upon returning to New Hampshire, established the first Multidisciplinary Institute in New Hampshire to specialize in evaluation and treatment of spinal disorders.

Presently Dr. Kleeman is involved in developing the application of surgical navigation for use in minimally invasive spine surgery. This multidimensional operating room platform allows for the integration of surgery and radiographic imaging to allow never-before-seen accuracy in complex spinal surgery. This translates to safer, more effective surgery with fewer complications, less pain, and faster recovery.

Most recently Dr. Kleeman has assisted in bringing the first diagnostic quality intra-operative CT scanner (O-arm) in New England to the Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, NH. This technology and Dr. Kleeman’s innovative surgery have brought patients from around the country to receive the latest and best in spinal surgery.

Visit the NH NeuroSpine Institute for more information.