Run_Analysisedit_compWho can benefit from running form analysis?

Running is a widely popular sport with a diverse group of participants. Running is relatively easy to do (just throw on a pair of shoes and go) and it can be used for training, to stay in shape, or for competition. Runners range from young to old, elite athletes to recreational participants, and from the physically fit to those just looking to participate in a healthy activity. However, as “simple” as running might appear to be, regardless of your age or skill level, proper running technique involves a complicated biomechanical pattern.

At Access Sports Medicine & orthopaedics we can help you find your optimal stride.   Whether you’re looking to eliminate a chronic injury caused by poor form or if you are looking to improve your performance, the experienced professionals at Access Sports Medicine can help.

How can gait analysis help prevent and eliminate common running injuries?

Injuries occur when proper running mechanics fail. Poor mechanics can lead to many injuries including but not limited to: shin splints, patellar and Achilles’ tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, muscle strains, bursitis, ITB syndrome, and lower back pain. Through video analysis and the use of state-of-the-art software, our staff will examine your running pattern to identify problems with your mechanics and work with you through their recommended adjustments.

Run_Analysis2_compHow does the Gait Analysis program work?

The Gait Analysis program at Access Sports Medicine & orthopaedics starts with a physical assessment including a brief written survey about training and injury history (this may be filled out online before you arrive). In the office we will perform an overall biomechanical assessment including an analysis of anatomy, strength, flexibility and balance. Added attention will be paid to areas of injury and asymmetry.   You will be asked to jog/run on a treadmill and we will record your running technique from a back and side profile.  Finally, we will provide you with exercises and recommendations to help improve your form with a goal to allow you to enjoy a pain free and efficient running experience.

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