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Martha and Bob

Dr. Bear,

We are enclosing 2 photos of Bob driving his 6-dog sled team this winter. It is thanks to you and his new hip that he was able to do so, and to have such a successful season. We have seen your newsletter and the articles about some of the sports figures you have treated. We bet this is the first dog-sled driver you have ever rehabilitated!!! Many, many thanks for making it possible for us to continue our life-long passion – being in the out-of-doors with our dogs.



Dr. Siegel,

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with you and your staff. Everyone was professional, courteous, friendly and very caring. And my shoulder is doing great, too! Thank you and your staff for making my time with you so pleasant.



Dear Access Sports Medicine,

After reading Dr. Bruno’s article concerning treatments for Dupuytren’s Contracture in the Portsmouth Herald, I was very excited to read that the FDA had just approved Xiaflex as a treatment option. Having had the “traditional” surgical treatment for the contractures on my left hand in 2006, I was extremely familiar with the post surgical therapy that the “traditional” treatment required. That same day, I arranged a consult with Dr. Bruno’s office and we agreed upon a Xiaflex treatment program for my right hand. In my particular situation, the treatment required three (3) separate procedures over a period of 3 months. The results have been much better than I could have hoped for and I now can completely open my hand and extend my fingers for the first time in years. Best of all, I had complete use of my right hand after each Xiaflex treatment the next day. This was extremely important to me because I could not afford the loss of productivity associated with “Traditional” surgical option. In summary, the Xiaflex treatment work for me. It was quick, painless, required virtually no physical therapy, and I could be completely productive as soon as I wanted.


Dear Access Sports Medicine,

I injured my right arm/wrist quite severely about a week ago. I severed just about everything in my arm. I was lucky enough to have Dr.Quitkin on call that day. He performed my surgery and re-attached all my nerves, tendons, and arteries. It was a three-hour surgery. From the moment I met him he showed an un-precedent true care for my well-being and made me feel extremely comfortable. The great treatment did not stop there. Through my numerous follow-ups I had the pleasure of meeting his Assistant Kevin, and Physician Assistant Sonya Justus. They were as great as Dr. Quitkin and made me feel extremely comfortable. I had a couple questions a week later and Dr.Quitkin was unavailable so a message was taken. Even the secretaries were as pleasant as can be. I was quickly followed up with by Sonya and she again showed a true interest in my well-being. I am 25 years old and have never written a testimonial/been treated so well to feel so inclined to share my great experience. I am also typing this with one hand. They have made a horrible situation as “painless” as possible. Thank you to the whole Access Sports Medicine staff and a very special thank you to Dr.Quitkin, Sonya Justus, and the assistant in Portsmouth Kevin.

A very satisfied patient,


Dr Zipin,

I’m grateful for having been sent to you and for your good care. I’d go the extra mile again to be treated by an excellent D.O.


I cannot say enough positive things about my experience of doing yoga under Carter Siegel’s guidance. Carter is a compassionate, experienced, skilled yoga practitioner who thinks about her client between sessions, coming to each session prepared to do something tailor-made for her student, being totally willing and capable of changing her entire approach based on where you are that day. Carter’s flexibility, attention and individualized focus make all the difference. Although one-on-one sessions could be considered a luxury, they have been a vitally important part of my rehabilitation from spinal cord injury. Beyond that, because yoga is a pratice that addresses emotional, physical and spiritual growth, yoga with Carter has had a positive impact on my entire life. Yoga is not just exercise or physical therapy. The quality time I spend with Carter informs the rest of my day, and even my week, as I take what I gain on the mat off the mat into my life.

Sat Nam!