Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP)

PRP Therapy is a revolutionary non-operative treatment option that has been shown to help patients suffering from many common orthopaedic injuries.

  • Platelet-rich plasma refers to a concentration of platelets created from one’s own blood sample injected by a needle into the injured area
  • Typically drawn from the arm and is placed in a centrifuge which separates the blood components, allowing a physician to isolate and increase the concentration of platelets injected into the area

Blood platelets are beneficial in the treatment of numerous orthopaedic conditions including tendonitis, partial tendon tearing and recently have been shown to aid the treatment of osteoarthritis.  Platelets contain growth factors that act locally on tissues to stimulate healing and encourage other cells in the body to migrate toward the injured area.

A PRP injection is administered under the guidance of ultrasound. This may be temporarily painful but side effects of this procedure are uncommon because PRP is derived from the patient’s own blood.



Arthrosurface Nanofactor Flow is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment in which human amniotic tissue and cells are injected into injured tissue to provide relief from pain and stimulate the body’s natural healing process.Siegel_2014web

  • Mesenchymal stem cells that are thought to help regenerate damaged tissue such as cartilage, tendons and ligaments
  • Growth factors in the amniotic tissue provide anti-inflammatory, anti-adhesive, and anti-microbial properties to the injured area, and can significantly help reduce scarring for quicker healing
  • Virtually no chance that your body will reject the treatment
  • Nanofactor graft tissue is only donated by healthy mothers at the time of a scheduled cesarean section and an extensive screening process must be successfully cleared in order to become an eligible donor
  • Injection will feel very similar to a simple blood test or muscle injection in that a very small needle is used and injection irritation should subside in a few hours
  • It takes only a few minutes to administer the injection and should only take one or two office visits depending on the patient’s medical condition

Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics already offers platelet rich plasma or PRP, which uses the patient’s own blood to harvest platelets that contain many growth factors that can help the healing process of tissues. But offering Nanofactor expands the options a patient has with these emerging biologic alternatives to surgical intervention.