Injuries and pain in the knees and lower extremities can result in the inability to exercise, play or even perform job duties comfortably. For these situations, Access Sports provides a full range of services to help you get back on your feet.

Most commonly, acute injuries from falls or slips can result in pain and injury to knees, legs, ankles and feet. Deceleration and twisting injuries can be main causes of knee injuries in particular. Chronic pain in the knees and lower extremities can result from overuse and deconditioning injuries such as stress fractures and tendonitis.

When sustaining an injury to a knee, ankle, toe or other extremity, people often use the “wait and see” approach, hoping the injury will heal on its own. But not seeking medical treatment can lead to additional joint damage, altered movement patterns, chronic weakness or even further joint pain due to overcompensation.

Treatment Options

We provide many non-surgical treatment options. With proactive management immediately following an injury – such as the RICE (rest, ice compression and elevation) technique – surgery can likely be avoided.

However, injuries are often still significant enough to warrant physical therapy and anti-inflammatory treatment. You should always consult a physician after sustaining an injury so that they can determine the best course of treatment for you.

Specifically, Access Sports can diagnose and treat the following conditions:



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6.6 Million

Knee injuries presented at US emergency departments from 1999 through 2008.

Knee Pain

The knee is the body’s largest joint and one of the most commonly injured areas. Knees can become painful due to sudden injuries like breaks and tears, as well as overuse injuries from prolonged pressure. If you’re experiencing pain in the knees or lower extremities, contact us to set up an evaluation.

Our staff understands and recognizes the importance of providing current and accurate workers’ compensation information and patient progress reports in a timely manner. Above all, our focus is on the recovery process and getting patients back to work quickly.

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Specializing Doctors

Joshua A. Siegel, MD

As Sports Medicine Director at Access, Dr. Siegel specializes in arthroscopic and minimally invasive procedures for treating shoulder pain and injuries. – Serving All Locations

Meet Dr. Siegel

A. David Davis, MD

Dr. Davis’ clinical practice includes arthroscopic surgery with a focus on shoulder dislocations, rotator cuff repairs and labrum repairs. – Serving All Locations

Meet Dr. Davis

Benjamin Thompson, MD

Dr. Thompson’s surgical focus includes arthroscopic and open treatment of the shoulder and elbow including joint pain and fractures. – Serving All Locations

Meet Dr. Thompson

What is runner’s knee?

This is a very common ailment typically seen among avid runners. Other athletes that participate in activities requiring a lot of bending in the knees can also be affected. It most commonly causes an aching pain around the knee cap.

Do I need surgery?

Access provides many non-surgical options to treat knee and lower extremity injuries. Whether or not you need surgery will depend on your specific case. You should seek medical guidance so that your doctor can assess your condition and determine the best treatment options for your individual case.