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Abby A.

I honestly could not recommend Dr. Davis more. Being a female in the military, hip issues are very common…. I was told by 3 different orthopedic doctors that I just needed to rest and ice my hips. So I did, for years. When I found Dr. Davis for my 4th consult I was prepared for him to also brush me off. He listened to me right away, ordered the correct imaging and found that I needed surgery. He truly saved me, mentally and physically from being in the pain I was in.

Scotty Lago

The people at Access rule it!….. especially Dr Siegel. Thank you for getting me back in the game!

Craig S.

I have very bad arthritis in my right knee and I spent about 12 sessions with Kathryn Weegar going over various exercises to strengthen my knee. I am very happy to report that my winter sport activities, skating and skiing, have been pain free; no knee braces required and tremendous endurance in my knees. This is the best my knees have felt in years! I am not even thinking of knee replacement at this time thanks to Kathryn’s excellent program. Thank you!

Liam H.

“… from my first consultation all the way through recovery from surgery, my experience with Access was first rate. Dr. Siegel is a phenomenal surgeon who delivers excellent surgical outcomes. He also took time to listen to my concerns, answer all of my questions, and place my mind at ease. All of the staff at Access is friendly, attentive, and extremely thorough in dealing with patients. The PA’s and medical techs were extremely knowledgeable and provided first rate care. My experience at the surgery center was great. The facility itself is new, efficient, and welcoming. It was so easy to get in and out of and everybody was so friendly and accommodating. The convenience and quality of service really sets the ASC in a class of its own. I really felt like everybody I interacted with genuinely cared about my injury, my surgery, and my recovery. Injuries are never pleasant, but Access makes the path to recovery so much easier.”

Junior M. (Google Review, April 2019)

“Awesome people. Definitely the best in the area.”

Melissa C. (Google Review, March 2019)

“Dr. Siegel diagnosed my sneaky-scary shoulder fracture after folks elsewhere missed it. And his unconventional approach got me on the path to healing with no surgery. I had strength and full range of motion back in 3 months. Now seeing him again for my (other) elbow. Solutions I can ski and sail with. Bonus!”