As an alternative to emergency services, Access Sports Medicine is equipped to handle the evaluation and treatment of acute injuries, including:Acute Injury Treatment

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Contusions
  • Fractures



Initial treatment for these types of injuries includes an evaluation by a provider who will also take a full physical history and perform an examination. Typically, X-rays are ordered and interpreted at the initial appointment followed by a treatment plan that is designed for the specific injury and the patient’s needs.

For many of these injuries, treatment may include rest, ice, compression and elevation – also known as RICE. Often, this is followed by physical or occupational therapy to ensure a quick return to work or play. A physician will be able to determine the best course of treatment for injuries that require more care than the RICE technique.

Acute injuries should always be evaluated by a trained professional to ensure the condition is not more severe than it appears to be, and to begin a treatment plan right away. Our doctors and physician assistants are trained in the evaluation and treatment of all acute injuries. Every Access Sports Medicine location can provide treatment services as same-day appointments, and we also have walk-in clinics for urgent care.



Auburn, NH Ambulatory Surgery Center

45 Dartmouth Dr.
Auburn, New Hampshire 03032

Dover, NH Orthopaedic Clinic

19 Webb Place
Dover, NH 03820

Rochester, NH Orthopaedic Clinic

120 Washington Street Suite 101
Rochester, NH 03839

Portsmouth, NH Orthopaedic Clinic (Walk-In Clinic)

155 Borthwick Avenue, Suite 102
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Raymond, NH Orthopaedic Clinic

6 Freetown Road
Raymond, NH 03077