With on-site X-ray services, our physicians have convenient access to the necessary technology to make fast and accurate diagnoses.

X-rays are a quick, painless test that uses a form of electromagnetic radiation to produce images of the structures inside your body. Our orthopaedic surgeons use X-rays to determine bone alignment and assess the condition of the bones within the body. They are also used to look for arthritis and osteoporosis. Most frequently, X-rays are used to determine if bones are broken and to decide the best course of treatment based on where the break in the bone is located.

Highlights of our X-ray services include:

  • Comfortable setting
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Lower cost under most insurance plans
  • Fast turnaround and accurate reports

We have partnered with ProScan Reading Services to provide accurate radiology reports on X-rays, with turnaround typically in 24-48 hours

Doctor Reading X-Rays

Your physician will determine if an X-ray is the best tool to evaluate your condition. X-rays are only performed on patients that have been seen by a physician and have received the appropriate referring paperwork.


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