Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics has some of the highest quality, fellowship-trained and Board-Certified surgeons in the greater New England area. Our providers are experts in a variety of fields—from arthritis to back pain, from concussions to broken toes. At Access, we have created a mecca of unmatched orthopedic care.

We pride ourselves on access to timely, quality care. As implied in the name of our practice, we hold ourselves to a strict standard of seeing patients at the time of their appointment, never later. We value our patient’s time as we value ours, which has propelled Access to provide respectful and honest service.

We know that fixing pain is a complex issue. If patients require surgery, we provide state-of-art operating rooms and services in Auburn and Newington, NH. Our team of anesthesiologists, nurses and orthopaedic physicians each play an integral role in the process—patients are aware and educated of all steps and requirements, before and post-operation. Many times, patients do not need surgery to correct an orthopedic injury or disorder. From functional training and fitness appointments to a wide breadth of rehabilitation services, Access offers multiple ways to mitigate pain and injuries after initial diagnoses.

We are a small business. Which means we make time for real people with real concerns. Our commitment is to quality care, expert physicians, and most importantly, serving our community with pride.