The Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

Corrective Exercise Specialist

The Corrective Exercise Specialist assists both individuals involved in all levels of sports, as well as the general population with activities of daily life. CES is trained to identify proper mechanics that make a significant difference in training and performance. For those recovering from injuries or chronic pain, a CES can assist in identifying dysfunction and or imbalances within the body. After assessment, a corrective exercise program is developed to aid recovery and prevent re-injury. The NASM assessment procedure is applicable to all those with back, shoulder, knee, hip, or foot/ankle pain. Once the assessment is complete, a corrective exercise program is created specifically to meet the patient’s needs. Over time, as their movement patterns improve, the CES will progress the patient to more challenging exercises and teach them how to incorporate these techniques into their regular exercise program or training plan.


 Return to Sport

The purpose of this program is to educate, demonstrate and supervise proper exercise technique, with the goal of preventing and/or significantly reducing sport related injuries for athletes of all ages, knowledge with concussion management, ACL reconstruction, RTC repair, and much more.

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