At the Hand Center at Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics, our team has over 25 years of combined experience specializing in the treatment of injuries and conditions of the hand and upper extremity.

Roderick J. Bruno, MD and H. Matthew Quitkin, MD and our team of occupational and certified hand therapists specialize in the comprehensive treatment of hand and upper extremity diseases and conditions.

Specialties Include:

Our Board-Certified and fellowship-trained surgeons are experienced in the most innovative surgical procedures and non-surgical treatment options of the hand and upper extremity including arthroscopic surgery, Xiaflex treatment for dupuytren’s contracture, and DRUJ Reconstruction.

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Recent Publications:

“Some options exist for bracing after a fall” – H. Matthew Quitkin, MD

“What’s new in hand conditions?” – Roderick J. Bruno, MD and H. Matthew Quitkin, MD

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational and Hand Therapists are trained in the rehabilitation of the upper extremity and have specialized knowledge of arm and hand function. They are trained to assess a variety of diagnoses and to formulate treatment plans to address the individual’s needs. The treatment may include splinting, performing job site evaluations, use of modalities, stretching, strengthening, work simulation, scar management, fine motor skills, and post-operative care. Using specialized skills in assessment and treatment, hand therapists work with their clients to prevent injury or impairment, restore functional activity, and enhance participation in daily life.