Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics Announces 2021 Student Athlete Scholarship Winner

Access Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics (ASMO) is pleased to announce that Anya Cunningham, a graduate of Raymond High School Class of 2021, is the winner of the 2021 ‘Access to Education’ Student Athlete Scholarship. Ms. Cunningham was chosen from four [CH1] applicants and will receive a $3,000 scholarship.

It immediately stood out to us that Anya is the type of person who is always trying to better herself and help others along the way. Her passion for helping and caring for others shined through in her application as well. She has set herself up for future success by gaining experience through a variety of activities, including an internship at Exeter Hospital in the Day Surgery unit, volunteering at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, completing an LNA course to become a Licensed Nursing Assistant, as well as completing two years of Health Science class at Seacoast School of Technology. The focus and dedication Anya showed in taking on these additional activities while excelling as a full-time high school student and three-sport athlete really impressed us. Her dedication and desire to succeed resonates profoundly.

“We’re so thrilled to select Anya as this year’s recipient of our Access to Education Student Athlete Scholarship,” said A. David Davis, MD. “Her work ethic is apparent in the steps she has taken throughout her high school career to meet both her short-term and long-term career goals. An ethic that will drive her to realize the successes she seeks to fulfill in her life, starting with her college studies at Merrimack College. We wish her well on this next chapter in her journey.”

While at Raymond High School, Ms. Cunningham was a multi-sport athlete, participating in soccer, track, and gymnastics. She was captain of both the soccer and track teams. This fall, Ms. Cunningham will continue her athletic career as a Division I athlete, throwing javelin for Merrimack College’s track team. Through athletics, she has learned a variety of life skills, including time management and planning, how to win graciously but also how to fail and learn from your mistakes. She’s also discovered how to break down goals into small achievable steps—all skills needed to help move successfully into the workforce and through life.

Anya will be attending Merrimack College in the fall as a part of their Nursing Program. Her goal is to be a labor and delivery nurse after she completes her education.

About the Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics Student Athlete Scholarship
The Access to Education $3,000 scholarship program was created to reward the efforts of one lucky student-athlete who demonstrates five key characteristics: discipline, passion, positivity, determination, and resilience—on and off the field.

For more information on the Access to Education Scholarship and/or Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics, please call (603) 775-7575.