Access Sports Helps Newmarket Schools Establish Concussion Policy

Kevin Heaton, DO Will Help Create a Plan for Students to Effectively Transition Back to Academics & Athletics

December 12, 2016, (EXETER, NH) – As part of a continued dedication to concussion prevention, treatment and management, Kevin D. Heaton, DO of Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics attended the November Newmarket School District meeting to discuss how to best implement a “return to learn” policy for students that have experienced a traumatic brain injury.

Most often sustained during high contact sports like football, concussions are traumatic head injuries that can alter the way a brain functions. Side effects include problems with concentration, memory, balance and coordination as well as headaches and loss of consciousness. While these symptoms are usually temporary, they can have lasting effects and cause extreme difficulties for students of any age.

Like many schools across the country, Newmarket has recognized the significant impact that concussions can have on a student’s abilities, both in the classroom and on the field. The faculty have made it a top priority to work with Heaton to establish a policy that raises awareness about concussions and enforces a strict program so that students are able to transition smoothly back to their studies and extracurricular activities.

“Newmarket is making great strides to better manage the way concussions are handled,” Heaton said. “Implementing this new policy will help their students adjust to life after a concussion more successfully.”

As a Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician and Director of the Concussion Management Program at Access Sports, Heaton helps school districts across New Hampshire determine the best policy for helping their students effectively recover from a concussion. Heaton has found that transitioning someone who has sustained a concussion back to school can involve:

  • Half days or time off from school
  • Reduced work load
  • Extensions on assignments and tests

The specific recovery time and treatment plan for a concussion is always approached on an individual basis since every student and their situation is unique.

The Newmarket School District will be finalizing their concussion policy in the near future after review by Heaton. He also plans to attend similar meetings like this over the coming year as an effort to introduce concussion awareness practices and policies throughout the Seacoast region.

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