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Dear Access Acceleration,

I finally reached my weight loss goal today with the help of Craig Favara and his mad crazy personal training skills!

First time in my life working with a personal trainer, most definitely not what I expected. Significantly less time both per session and frequency, not hard or intimidating in any way. I actually look forward to each session, the transformation occurred quickly and was so motivating: my strength, energy, and overall good health is amazing. I haven’t felt like this in too many years to want to admit… my ONLY regret is not doing this sooner…like years ago! Kudos to Craig! Bring it on 2014! I’m ready!


Dear Access Sports Medicine,

I wanted to write you to let you know that I think Carter Siegel is a very good yoga instructor. I came to realize this after doing yoga with her at a local studio. She taught me the intricacies of the basic poses and breathing. I now have more confidence and I’ve even started doing group classes. Thanks to her, I have started practicing yoga on a regular basis and fully enjoy every minute of it. It has definitely helped relieve the pain in my “bad” shoulder. I would highly recommend her for yoga instruction at any level.


Dear Access Sports Medicine,

I’d been looking for yoga instruction that would offer a solid foundation for a newcomer, but adapted for chronic pain management. After my first session with Carter, armed with a pose to relieve specific trigger point pain, I knew I’d found my place at Access Yoga.

Carter’s welcoming, informed approach creates a trusting environment that truly respects body, mind and spirit. Her dedication, expertise and experience are obvious and infectious, as is her compassion. She’s a true ambassador for the best of yoga.


Dear Dr. Zipin,

It has been two months since I saw you regarding the pain in my hips and legs. I am writing today to report the wonderful progress toward full recovery that resulted from the physical therapy with Michelle Higgins. She is amazing! Michelle’s efforts at our twice-weekly PT sessions and the exercise routine she designed for me to do at home have really worked wonders. After two months, I usually sleep through the night, without waking up from pain . . . and I no longer walk like a penguin whenever I get up from a chair. Kristen White certainly evaluated the situation accurately, and Michelle put together a wonderful program to get me back to felling good again.

Michelle is a joy to work with, her spirit and enthusiasm are an inspiration. Best of all, the PT works!


Dear Access Sports Medicine,

I’ve been going to Acceleration for 8 weeks and I’m amazed already! Craig is absolutely wonderful and Nicole is such an awesome support! I came to Access Acceleration in March with the goal to lose 100lbs, get in shape and healthy and get off my prescribed medications. The difference in me in just these short 8 weeks is remarkable. I’ve lost 23 pounds so far, I’ve been able to work out and become stronger than I’ve ever been and I’m happy to say that I have come off of 4 out of 5 medications.

At Acceleration, I get one on one personal attention while getting personal training time with Craig, a meal plan and the constant encouragement I need to succeed. Choosing to go to Acceleration has changed my life, and more importantly has saved my life. I am eternally grateful to Craig and Nicole for everything!



Dear Access Sports Medicine,

I was always in what I considered to be decent physical shape and tried to maintain an active lifestyle but as I’ve gotten older, my body has changed. I went to Access Sports Medicine late last year to address bilateral shoulder injuries that became worse over time and I completed a physical therapy regimen that included exercises at home and at the gym. My physical therapist provided me with a flyer for a free fitness consultation with Craig Favara at Access Acceleration in response to my desire to build off my PT work to get in better shape overall.

I met with Craig to assess my strengths and areas to work on. We began working together in individual training sessions that worked my entire body. Craig showed me how to use core strengthening exercises and how to work several muscle groups simultaneously, taught methods for exercising and using gym equipment properly and efficiently and developed “off day” workouts for me to use in my own gym and at home. He focused on simple lifestyle changes pertaining to diet and exercise that I easily incorporated into my daily routine. As a result, I started seeing gains immediately and continue to see gains each week. I feel great physically and mentally, I’ve lost 15 lbs. but have become stronger, my core has never been tighter (I have working abs!), I no longer have the nagging aches and pains that I once had, and people tell me how good I look. As an offshoot to our work and to challenge myself further, I began running for the first time in my life and have run some 5K’s and have worked with Craig to increase my running endurance and speed.

Craig Favara and Access Acceleration have provided me with the knowledge, direction, and support to realize my fitness and health goals. I am very grateful to Craig for his guidance and will continue to apply these principles in my daily life and would recommend him to anyone seeking to improve his/her physical and mental health.