Conformis Personalized Procedures: When You Need a Knee That Fits

Person struggling with knee pain, considering conformis.800,000 people aged 50 and over experience a knee replacement every year in the United States. And long has been the practice of traditional knee replacement procedures that take an “out of the box” solution and work it to fit the respective patient.

Why subject yourself to this “one size fits all approach,” when, in fact, knee replacement surgery ought to be customized to the patient’s exact need and application?

Enter Conformis, a personalized knee replacement option customized for an optimal fit. Access Sports Medicine is pleased to offer Conformis as part of our knee replacement surgical options. With it, you can expect a personalized, data-driven total knee replacement system that optimizes the success of your implant’s fit, bone coverage, and range of motion post-procedure.

Platinum Services Fully Personalized Implant

Conformis knee replacement implants are meticulously designed to match every aspect of your natural knee. The end goal of any knee replacement is to be pain-free and restore natural motion, allowing you to return to your everyday activities with minimal downtime.

Benefits of Conformis

  • Individually designed and made specifically for your unique anatomy and natural motion
  • Surgical plan and design are driven by your actual CT scan data
  • Clinical evidence strongly supports the performance of fully personalized implants
  • Offers a limited 5-year warranty that is unique to the industry

What does the recovery period of a Conformis knee replacement look like?

  • Following surgery, your main point of emphasis will be on recovery and applicable rehabilitation efforts.
  • Range of motion exercises during physical therapy will be especially important to prevent the occurrence of scar tissue which can limit the flexibility of the new joint.
  • Walking should be possible just a few short hours after surgery. If needed, you will be outfitted with a brace, provided crutches, a walker, or another applicable aid.
  • Your surgeon can best determine how much physical therapy is appropriate for your unique situation. Physical therapy is prescribed to:
    • Avoid the build-up of scar tissue
    • Help restore normal movement in your joint
    • Build up strength in the joint and surrounding muscles
    • Ease pain and swelling
    • Help with circulation

Postoperative recovery for your Conformis knee replacement will focus on protecting your knee, minimizing overall discomfort, and ensuring that you return to the full range of motion you expect.

Have further questions about Conformis knee replacement surgery?

We’re here to help answer any questions or concerns you might have about seeking a potential knee replacement. Contact Access Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics today to schedule your consultation.