Access Athletic Trainer Saves High School Basketball Player’s Life

Athletic trainers play an important role in middle school and high school sports, since they are highly trained in preventative services, emergency care and rehabilitation procedures. Without an athletic trainer on the sidelines, emergency care would rest in the hands of untrained administrators, which could leave these young athletes in danger should they sustain a serious injury.

The importance of athletic trainers was recently made evident during a recent junior varsity basketball game in Epping, NH.

A freshman basketball player went into cardiac arrest during the game, and athletic trainer, Access Sports’ very own Robin Hunt, was first to respond. The boy was without a pulse and was not breathing. Hunt performed CPR and used an AED, and by the time emergency personnel arrived, his pulse returned and he began breathing again.

Because of her quick thinking, as well assistance from an off-duty EMT in the audience, the boy is on the road to recovery.

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