Deer Valley, UT – Dr. Joshua Siegel of Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics, a U.S. Ski Team physician, will be medically covering the 2015 U.S. Freestyle Mogul and Aerial NorAm Tour January 15th and 16th in Deer Valley, Utah.Volunteers as Team Physician

Dr. Siegel, a Board-Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, specializes in Sports Medicine and will be on hand to respond to skier injuries should they occur. One of the top sports medicine physicians in the country, Dr. Siegel has experience in treating athletes of all ages and ability levels. He is one of the official physicians of the U.S. Ski and Snowboarding teams and a U.S. Olympic Committee physician. He has volunteered his time with the team at World Cup events for Freestyle skiing since 2007.

The United States Ski and Snowboard Association Physician Pool is comprised of more than 200 licensed medical providers of various specialties who volunteer their time and financial resources to provide medical services to the team. Requirements for membership include screening by the USSA Medical Committee and regular participation in USSA training courses.

Team physicians are responsible for keeping abreast of the medical issues involved with athletes they oversee. They serve as the primary resource for the head coach, therapist/trainer, medical director or coordinator regarding medical issues relating to an athlete’s ability to train or compete. They also provide recommendations regarding further evaluation, diagnostic procedures and treatment plans, and maintain up-to-date information on the medical and participation status of all athletes.

The U.S. Freestyle NorAm Tour is one of the most prestigious freestyle skiing competitions in the country and Canada. Athletes from the United States and Canada are selected to compete in these events in order to prepare for the World Cup Freestyle Competition, which represents the highest caliber of competition in freestyle skiing and includes more than 20 countries.

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