Workplace YogaA research review* found that people who get to do yoga at work may be less stressed out than their peers who don’t and I couldn’t agree more.

It was some time in 2013 that I approached Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics with the idea of offering yoga for patients and employees. It seemed a wise thing to add to an already comprehensive array of services provided at the practice. Why not expand on the idea of integrated health and medicine and add a little bit of “eastern” flair to a western approach to medicine? The intention was not to become another yoga studio, but to meet a niche in the market by providing one-on-one care for patients experiencing musculoskeletal issues at any point along their continuum of care. Private instruction can offer an individual a personalized approach to addressing any issue they may be working with. By capitalizing on the referral power of all the services at Access, the yoga program has been able to assist many who need that extra care whether it be after physical therapy has ended, as a amplifier to strength and conditioning programs, or as a stand-alone. Referrals from the doctors and the physical therapists who recognize an individual might benefit from yoga has proven successful.

Access Yoga with Carter Siegel, M.Ed, E-RYT500
Carter Siegel, M.Ed, E-RYT500

It has also been since 2013 that Access has supported and encouraged all its employees to attend free yoga offerings at the Exeter office. This class is offered weekly and is open to anyone and everyone as an employee benefit. Every Wednesday we gather in the beautiful and serene space to lay our mats down and take some time to step away from the sometimes harried energy of the office in order to breathe deeply and let go. The room is often bathed in the beautiful sunlight of the day and soft welcoming music plays.  Employees share the time and the space being guided gently through basic postures,  different breathing techniques, and some meditation. We focus primarily on opening the neck, shoulders, low back, hips and hamstrings… areas of the body that experience stress and tightness.

It’s a wonderful time for people to clear their minds and recharge. People often comment that while they feel they “don’t have enough time” to come practice; they inevitably feel better in their bodies, more focused in their minds, and perceive themselves as actually having MORE time to get through their day and be productive. Counterintuitive? Perhaps. But the great thing about yoga is that when we are able to calm the mind and body, we are able to look at the world with more clarity, more intention, more patience, and less reactivity. These qualities empower us to be focused, efficient, and positive in the way we approach our work. These qualities lead us to more harmonious relationships, collective purpose, happiness in the workplace, and satisfaction with our efforts.  It has been incredibly rewarding to be a part of helping patients and employees at Access feel better in their bodies and their minds. It feels great to know I helped someone feel great!” –Carter Siegel, M.Ed, E-RYT500 

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