The Wall Street Journal Recognizes Virtual Reality as Effective Pain Management Solution

Years ago, virtual reality researchers couldn’t find funding. Today, the industry is booming due to the recently realized medical benefits that the technology offers for patients with pain and anxiety.

The Wall Street Journal recently profiled virtual reality’s growing presence in the medical industry, focusing on appliedVR’s contributions to research and development.

The appliedVR technology uses a headset with a small device to virtually transport patients from a medical setting to more than 20 different experiences, including:

  • Relaxation and meditation sessions
  • Waterfront scenery
  • Animated children’s games
  • Nature and travel channels

Virtual reality technology is being used at hospitals around the country, from Cedars Sinai to Boston Children’s Hospital, to Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics!

“Access Sports Medicine is always interested in learning about new sports medicine techniques,” said Sports Medicine Director, Dr. Joshua A. Siegel. “If it’s a method that works, we want to bring it to the Seacoast so our patients can experience the benefits.”

Check out the video below to see one patient’s experience with the virtual reality technology at our Exeter, NH location. This service is available at every Access Sports Medicine location by appointment.

“VR technology can enhance a patient’s visit by decreasing anxiety, bettering pain perception and ultimately improving the quality of their experience,” said Physician Assistant, Chris Wheeler. “This is yet another innovative treatment Access Sports Medicine offers for ultimate patient satisfaction and comfort.

We’re proud to partner with appliedVR for our virtual reality equipment and are excited that this technology is finally getting the attention it deserves. At a time when opioid prescription pain use has grown into an epidemic, alternative pain management techniques like virtual reality are welcomed now more than ever.

Contact us for more information on our virtual reality technology for pain and anxiety management.