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Richard P.

I was planning on shoveling a lot of snow this past winter…I mean a LOT of snow…had my shovels all tuned up and ready to go. But instead I got to spend my winter with a pretty amazing group of individuals that operate under the title of Access Sports Medicine.

After 63 years of sports, construction, wood working, and a generally active lifestyle, I had this recurring pain in my right shoulder that wouldn’t go away. So I made an appointment with Dr. Joshua Siegel who had fine-tuned my knee two years previously. I met with Dr. Siegel in November 2014 where after my evaluation of my ailing shoulder, he suggested an MRI with the results showing that it would require surgery to repair. Surgery was scheduled for December 15, 2014 at 7:30 am and went without complications, having me back home on my couch (a place I would become quite familiar with for the next couple of months) by 11:00 am that same morning. Next day, it was off to physical therapy where over the next five months I found a home full of caring and compassionate professionals all with the intent of improving people’s lives.

From Gayle and the other friendly ladies who greet you at the front desk, to Lisa and Maria who lead you back to the doctor’s room for evaluation and consultation, it all runs very well with an organized staff of caring and concerned professionals. The MRI process, which was handled in house, ran quickly and smoothly. When I had a question about billing, I received an immediate and personal meeting with Karyn who was able to explain to me how their system works and to help me understand my bill. My excellent physical therapy team of Michelle and Brittany, along with Jerry and Ben, the talented pair of assistants, were all extremely enthusiastic and positive and always concerned with my progress and well being, and made what could have been a long, long cold winter, an amazing transformation.

Now, more than five months from surgery, I am no longer riding the pine and am back to woodworking, house projects and golfing on a regular basis, thanks to all those involved at Access Sports Medicine. The snow shovels have been stored away, but I know when the need arises I will be ready to move some snow around; or better yet, maybe I will call the young neighbor who handled the chore for me last winter as that worked out really well. Either way I am now capable and most appreciative.


I had a meniscus repair done with Dr. Siegel about six weeks ago.

For the last month I have been having PT twice a week with Michelle. I have to say that Michelle has been fantastic. She kept things interesting, challenged me, explained things, and kept things light with a good sense of humor.

But my real reason for writing this letter is to compliment Jerry, the PT aid. Jerry was the one who would get me started on the bike and finish up my visit with the application of the icing machine. Jerry’s demeanor is amazing. He is upbeat, funny and polite, with a caring nature that really show through. I really felt that he cared that I was having a good experience, and was prepared to do whatever he could if I wasn’t. He was constantly moving, helping someone, cleaning up, putting something away, looking to see who needs help, etc. I never saw him sitting around.

He seemed to have a good rapport with all of the therapists and seemed to know all of the patients by name, which he used when greeting them, joking with them or just helping them with a therapy they were engaged in.

I found myself looking forward to PT, because the environment was so pleasant, in that everyone seemed to work as a team.

Thanks so much for running a well oiled machine.


Dear Dr. Siegel,

I wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your team at Access Sports. Your office is run professionally and efficiently by staff who are courteous, caring and just really great at what they do. From the front office group, to x-ray and PT, everyone always greeted me with a smile and made a visit to the orthopaedics a positive experience.

Over the weeks of my recovery, I had many appointments, both in the Exeter office and also for PT; and for all of these visits I was seen on time for every single one. This is quite a feat for an office that is obviously very busy! You run a tight ship and it shows.

Special thanks to your PT group in Portsmouth. They are a fabulous team, very caring, knowledgeable and patient. Tyler was terrific, helping me work through what I needed to do to get better. Brittany and Jen were also great to work with.

In short, I wanted to give some positive feedback and say thanks for getting me back in the saddle!


My site supervisor Craig Favara was very instrumental in making my internship experience at Access Acceleration one that I will never forget. Even though when I first met him I thought he was very intimidating, as I got to know him I realized that he is one of the most genuine and honest people that I have ever met who is also very knowledgeable and truly cares about helping people realize the positive impact that exercising on a regular basis can have on their lives. Even when he had a full schedule of clients for the day, Craig made it a point to always take the time to provide me with literature about current research in the field and answer any and all questions that I had which included him demonstrating exercises to me that I had never been introduced to before. His willingness to take the time out his day to make sure that I got the most out of my internship experience is something that I am very appreciative for and will never forget. Over the course of my internship Craig acted as an older brother figure to me in a sense because whenever I felt a little discouraged about not being able to perform or explain a new exercise movement correctly or lacked the confidence to make my voice heard in a group fitness class setting he would always make it a point to tell me, “There is no need to get down on yourself; you are learning. Confidence comes with time, I was not confident when I first started out and now look at me. Keep working hard, you are doing just fine.” Having Craig reassure me that I was doing a great job allowed me to relax and become more confident. The only suggestion that I have for Craig is to keep doing what he is doing because whether he knows it or not the advice and guidance that he has provided me with about strength and conditioning as well as life in general something that I will always remember. Craig is a prime example of what a young professional in the field of strength and conditioning such as myself, should aspire to be and I encourage other students in the exercise science major here at Colby-Sawyer to look into completing their internship experience with Craig and Access Acceleration.

Talk to you soon,

Julia Ahumada