yoga praying“There have been times in my life when I have been introduced to people that have had a very positive impact on me. Carter Siegel is one of those people. After undergoing seven months of rehabilitation for herniated disks, she helped me transition back into my yoga practice in a safe and effective way. Through our sessions I learned techniques to help relieve and manage pain, improving my quality of life. Carter is an incredibly gifted, skilled and knowledgeable yoga practitioner and teacher. She offers a fantastic and energizing environment in which to strengthen one’s body, mind and spirit. Her demonstration of poses and emphasis on alignment create challenge and teach mindfulness. The breathing techniques she teaches prove to be helpful both on and off of the mat. The techniques that I have learned from Carter have assisted me in relaxing, falling asleep and working through my physical therapy exercises. She has also offered suggestions to promote wellness in many aspects of life and to help me grow in my practice of yoga. After each session with Carter, I feel more grounded, balanced and centered. These feelings follow me throughout the day and bring an increased level of mental clarity with a deeper sense of self-awareness.

More recently, Carter started instructing a weekly lunch time class at my office. Participants are of all levels and ages and Carter is capable of assessing and modifying the class to meet everyone’s needs, abilities and goals. She creates a compassionate and supportive atmosphere that encourages everyone to explore the practice of yoga.

I am inspired by her passion for yoga, and her grace and care towards those around her.”


“I cannot say enough positive things about my experience of doing yoga under Carter Siegel’s guidance. Carter is a compassionate, experienced, skilled yoga practitioner who thinks about her client between sessions, coming to each session prepared to do something tailor-made for her student, being totally willing and capable of changing her entire approach based on where you are that day. Carter’s flexibility, attention and individualized focus make all the difference. Although one-on-one sessions could be considered a luxury, they have been a vitally important part of my rehabilitation from spinal cord injury. Beyond that, because yoga is a pratice that addresses emotional, physical and spiritual growth, yoga with Carter has had a positive impact on my entire life. Yoga is not just exercise or physical therapy. The quality time I spend with Carter informs the rest of my day, and even my week, as I take what I gain on the mat off the mat into my life.

Sat Nam!”


“I am thankful that Carter Siegel was the person to introduce me to Yoga. Her calm and accepting personality embodies the essence of yoga, and she was genuinely dedicated to helping me learn all that yoga could do for me. Carter listened to my needs and introduced me to poses and sequences that addressed my physical issues. Carter is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the practice of yoga and her dedication to the nuances of each pose made me feel confident that I would learn to practice yoga in the most beneficial form. Carter has introduced me to a new form of physical therapy as well as wonderful way to value and honor myself and others in a most beautiful way. Thank you Carter, I look forward to continuing yoga with you!”