Bruno_QuitkinChicago, IL – The American Society for Surgery of the Hand recently announced the publication of a new e-textbook on fractures and dislocations of the hands and fingers.  The educational document features contributions from some of the world’s leading experts in the field of hand and upper extremity surgery; including H. Matthew Quitkin, MD and Roderick J. Bruno, MD of Access Sports Medicine.  The publication contains comprehensive information on proven techniques as well as innovative approaches to the management of hand and finger injuries.  The textbook is dedicated to Dr. Robert E. Carroll, widely known as one of the most successful teachers and clinicians in the area of hand and upper extremity surgery.

Dr. Matthew Quitkin and Dr. Roderick Bruno of the Hand Center at Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics co-authored a chapter on tendon injuries often associated with hand trauma.  They both trained under Dr. Melvin Rosenwasser at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City in the fellowship program named after Dr. Robert E. Carroll.  At the Hand Center at Access Sports Medicine, Quitkin and Bruno offer the most advanced surgical and non-surgical treatment of hand and upper extremity injuries.  They continue to research and develop innovative treatment options and offer the highest quality of hand and upper extremity care available to Seacoast area residents.

Dr. Robert E. Carroll was once quoted as saying, “I will teach you today what I know works for me, but I will be disappointed in you if you do not find new and better ways to treat patients as your practice matures.”  Doctors Quitkin and Bruno have both adopted that philosophy and continue to study and pioneer treatment options which allow even better results for their patients.  By providing the most advanced techniques in a convenient manner, patients are able to return to work, athletics or whatever activities they enjoy safely, and more quickly.

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