At Access Sports Medicine & Orthopedics, our patient safety is always our top priority. Whether you come to us for a knee injury from an intense bike ride, or a painful shoulder from too much heavy-duty yard work, our first concern is always your safety, health, and comfort.

Now, more than ever before, we’re making sure that we’re performing the proper steps to protect our patients and staff. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve taken extensive measures to secure the wellbeing of all our valued patients and staff. Our team is dedicated to ensuring each and every patient who needs care can continue to do so throughout this pandemic—while minimizing possible exposure to coronavirus. 

Please take note of the following updates we have made to our services, so we can get you on the road to recovery quickly and safely!

How to Book Your Appointment

When you book an appointment with Access, our trained staff will screen you for COVID-19 symptoms. You will also be screened the day before every scheduled appointment in order to confirm that you do not have symptoms of the virus. The screening questionnaire is simple—you will be asked about your exposure to risk factors and common symptoms.

If any concerns arise during your pre-appointment screening, you will be referred to a physician or physician’s assistant for additional evaluation via phone or telehealth appointment. Once that physician has confirmed you are cleared to finalize your appointment booking, you will be provided with a unique confirmation code to present upon your arrival.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

Please wear a face mask, scarf, bandana, or another similar coverage for your nose and mouth for the duration of your visit. We know it can be extremely difficult to find and purchase a mask at this time, but it’s simple to make one at home—use this guide from the CDC to learn how to create your own face covering! We appreciate the extra time you may have to take to prepare your mask—it will help to keep us all safe.

Upon arrival you will be provided with a pen if necessary to fill out any required forms. That pen will be yours to keep and bring home with you.

Other steps you can take are simple, but effective:

Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.
Avoid touching your face, eyes, or mouth.
Wear disposable gloves, if you have them.

While these precautions may seem extreme, they are among some of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We take them seriously, and we hope you do, too.

Please note: you must wear a face mask or other nose and mouth covering to your appointment. 

What to Know Once You Arrive at Our Office

Once you arrive at our office, please follow social distancing practices and wait in the designated areas before you are called forward to check in. When you do check in, please provide your confirmation code from booking.

Please note: we are accepting walk-in appointments at this time. However, if you did not previously book an appointment and undergo screening, you will be asked to return to your car and call our office for screening and to receive a confirmation code.

We also ask that you do not bring any guests along for your scheduled appointment. If you are an adult accompanying a minor, you will be asked to follow the same screening procedures at the time of booking.

How We’re Keeping Our Office Sanitized

Our staff takes care to clean our offices extensively every single day, as well as sanitize exam and treatment areas between each patient we see. High-touch areas such as door handles and faucets are given special attention and sanitized as frequently as possible. We follow CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting to protect against the spread of coronavirus.

We’ve also hired an experienced team of cleaning professionals to deep-clean some of our locations as necessary, such as the Ambulatory Surgery Center. These deep-cleaning services include a post-cleaning report that tests for the presence of bacteria and other agents.

What Our Staff is Doing to Keep You Safe

Access Sports Medicine & Orthopedics holds our staff to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. In addition to requiring daily temperature readings for every staff member prior to their arrival to work, anyone who is experiencing COVID symptoms or simply feels unwell is required to stay home. If symptoms arise while at work, they are required to go home immediately.

When you arrive at your appointment, you’ll notice that our staff members are all wearing personal protective equipment including gloves, masks, and face shields. Depending on the level of patient contact, our staff may be wearing cloth masks, N95 masks, or face shields. This is to help keep both you and our staff safe.

Together, we can all do small—and big—things to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We look forward to safely providing you with the care you need throughout this pandemic, so you can return to your everyday activities (and get back to enjoying the outdoors without physical limitations).

Before you book your appointment, please take a moment to review what services are available at each of our locations. We look forward to seeing you!