Access Acceleration’s Craig Favara trains NBA Pre-Draft Candidates
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Craig HeadshotCraig Favara, Fitness Director at Access Acceleration, was invited, to participate in the oversight and development of a strength and conditioning program for the NBA pre-draft.  Favara returned this week after spending the past two weeks in Santa Monica, California preparing top NBA prospects for the NBA Combine which begins Wednesday, May 11th.

“This was a great learning experience. I got to work under some of the most skilled development coaches for basketball and train elite level athletes.” Says Favara.  “I’m excited to bring what I learned these past two weeks into new program development at Access Acceleration.”

Favara spent his time in Santa Monica working with athletes from Iowa State, UNLV, Oakland University, and professional teams such as the Pelicans and Grizzlies, to help improve their technique and execution of drills used in the Combine.  Under Favara’s coaching, prospects were able to shave up to half a second off of Combine agility drills and improved jumping mechanics to achieve max vertical.

“The amount of detail and preparation that went into customizing a regime for players there was top notch.” says Favara.  “Everything we did with these athletes was calculated in great detail, from their soft-tissue and dynamic warm ups, to agility, strength, conditioning, cool down, nutrition and yoga.”

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